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Digital Experience Marketing

Creating Customized Experience

The holistic festive period for brands and businesses is long over and business development divisions are under ever more pressure to deliver higher return on investment (ROI) and lower Cost Per Acquisition (consumer). The discussion over how marketing strategies should be quantified and how the measurement tools should include for interaction quality vs. marketing budget is a long debated.

One way for brands to ensure that marketing continues to increase its ROI and lower the cost per touch is to help events live past their execution time period and empowering the consumer to be the advocate of brand and be an integral part of the marketing process.

Digital Experiential Marketing-Approach

Now how to empower the consumer and making him the central element of your marketing strategy? I say its forming a perfect mix of Digital media into brand’s existing marketing campaign (Market approach).

But let me tell you, this is not as simple as it sounds, neither it’s just simply throwing a link, hashtag or QR code onto various signage elements. The integration of Digital media needs to be true, real time and in practical terms to what is at the heart of experiential and that is the brand experience. If a Digital experiential campaign is done well, the experience will motivate consumers to not only adopt the brand but to become brand advocates, encouraging & motivating others to adopt the brand as well.


For instance, creating a social media hub for brand advocates (brand community) & providing them opportunities to share their messages & viewpoints effectively and helping them to become “Active” advocates for the brand on ground level which leads to increase the Brand’s ROI exponentially and decreasing cost per touch.

Brands should also use social sites to kick off conversations ‘with’ consumers and continue conversations with consumers post brand experience. 

Did you notice, I use the word “with” when describing this consumer communication – not at.


In order for a business to be successful, Customer’s behavior needs to be aligned with marketing & Communication. we need to look back at the thumb rule of Marketing communication – It should be complete (two ways) communication. This can be trickier than it seems with Brand Experience.

Adding the element of flexibility to experiential programs can certainly prove to be challenging but the brands who have realized this and adapting it have started performing significantly well.

One brand that has mastered the integration of social media into experiential programming is Coca Cola.  Coke realized this before others and redirected their communication and marketing strategy. As a result of this Coca Cola experience a huge up trend in their global sales.


The pressure of making operations a success for business is not going away on its own. The continued demand to increase ROI and decrease cost per touch needs to be addressed head-on and extending reach beyond the experiential execution is a great place to start.  When planning your next marketing program, integrate mix of Digital media and offline & make sure:

  • Design your experience so that it integrates naturally with social media;
  • Encourage consumer engagement that allows consumers to be heard and feel as though they have some measure of control;
  • Set realistic parameters to protect the brand and make the logistics of the program, possible and set-up your brand for success;
  • Last and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Need help pulling this all off? Global Honey Bee roots put us in a unique position in the industry. We are one of the select few agencies that really excel in both experiential and digital marketing. We have the in-house talent to concept, plan, build, execute and publicize your next activation or brand story across multiple channels seamlessly.

Sonal Sehgal, Global Honey Bee, About Us, Digital Marketing

Sonal Sehgal


As the strategic force behind GlobalHoneyBee, I create the marketing stories that define Brands & Businesses- helping my clients and their story – why ‘They’ matter. I love to work with my clients as a ‘partner in crime’. As the thought leader, I believe in making the business work, whatever it takes to achieve business goals through Marketing and we often brainstorm ideas that might even fall out of the ‘scope’ of marketing.

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