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Experience Global Honey Bee

Everyone’s talking about it! It’s a new era in marketing! It is “The Experience Era”!!

It’s the time when people are looking for a distinguished experience via engaging with brands and with each other in entirely new ways. Today, people are taking control from the brands and organizations that used to do most of the talking and shaping their own stories.

We understand this new era because designing an immortal experience that matters to users is what we’ve always done. For brands to win today, requires storytelling that’s relevant, personal and genuine. It means understanding the new power that trusted advocates wield. And, more than anything, winning demands content that’s provocative, original and irresistible.

We are a creative studio of writers, designers, builders, strategists, conversation-starters and storytellers. We are passionate about our clients and through our astute research & experience and dedicated people, we design and create experience for users associated with their businesses.

With us, it‘s all about you. Simple as that! Your customers, employees, partners, and vendors expect to be engaged as individuals—based on their terms, their needs, and their interests. As a business, the only response is to change your approach to suit them. Our job is to help you do that. We use digital technology to help businesses engage each of their audiences with data-driven messages through experiences that span across channels. Because our services are designed to cover the spectrum—from strategy to enablement to operations—we’re able to help you create the experiences, relationships, insights, and delivery that you need to be effective.

Shallu Bhugra


An energetic and creative Digital Marketing whiz with expertise in Social Media Marketing. Her never surrendering attitude keeps the team inspired to create innovative work. A poet & writer by hobby, she is the best source of tapping spare time.

Shallu Bhugra -GHB
Sonal Sehgal, Global Honey Bee, About Us, Digital Marketing

Sonal Sehgal


Digital Marketing professional with over 7 years of experience, including general management of mid to large sized organizations. Traveler by nature and risk taker by choice, the battle between AirMiles vs RoadMiles keeps him going.


2015 - 2016

We Evolve Ever Since


Innovation Ignited…

The engine roared and we ignited the experiences that we always wanted to create. We worked for a number of brands belonging to various industries, e.g, e-Commerce, Automobile, FMCG, Education, BFSI, Realty, Telecom, etc. and imprinted unforgettable digital experiences.

The Idea!


Often we used to ask ourselves…

How can we make this better? It had been a long time that we were working in the digital marketing domain but always thought that something was missing. Finally, we figured it out! It was experience! An experience that would be cherished and remembered by both brand & users.

Journey to Experience


And then it began…

We packed our laptops, took all the accessories needed, got the connectivity and began a journey with the sole purpose of creating long lasting experiences that not only the users would enjoy but also each stakeholder of the brand. The task had to be done now!



2015 - 2016

We Are Good In

Creating Experience

Majority of a brand’s value is intangible. Today, merely crafting a beautiful message is just not enough. Brands need to create the right communication and get the users dive into their stories via experiential digital marketing.

Strong Visualization

Users no longer are willing to read tiresome textual content. They wanna see clear visuals that can communicate everything. We adapt to and leverage strong visuals to establish your brand as a visual benchmark.

Mobile Ecosystem

The world is shifting from desktop to mobile phones. Every experience that we design has to be developed in sync with the mobile ecosystem, thus providing an optimum interactive design to the users that they’d love.

Digital Business

We understand your ultimate objective. All our digital strategy is modeled realizing your goal of acquiring and retaining patrons. Customized solutions and approaches are shaped as per the brand requirements and objectives.

Our Skills

Digital Strategy
Digital Marketing
Video Production & Marketing
Digital Advertisement

What Our Clients say

GHB-Client Heading

Globalx Biztrade

We came to Global Honey Bee for our requirement of a website design for our brand Globalx Biztrade Solutions. They were very patient listening to our complete requirement and then translating into the exact design we needed.

GHB-Client Heading

Roaring India

I appreciate the efforts of their team members in designing digital solutions according to the brand needs. They’re the best for start-ups.


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